8th October 2015

Expert tutors in the heart of London – how our service works

our tuition

Working with our tutors is the quickest way to make progress in English. Lessons will help you to develop your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills – for business, to pass exams and to gain confidence using English for everyday life. And 100% of our profits go to education charity EFA London

Pricing and Packages

We offer one-to-one, pair and group tuition and cost depends on whether you pay an hourly rate or buy packages in advance.

How tuition works

Who, where, when and what

Terms and Conditions

Including our cancellation policy

Who is tuition for?

Our tutors teach learners of any level, from beginner to advanced. Learners must be aged 16 or over.

What will I learn?

It depends on you – our tutors will work with you to establish personal learning goals and lessons will be designed around your needs.

Some clients want to improve their English for business or academic purposes. Others are new to London and want support improving their language skills and discovering the city. Some learners come to us with specific areas they want to develop, such as their vocabulary, listening or confidence when speaking. Our tutors will put their years of experience and expertise into ensuring you achieve your learning goals. They will also explore strategies with you for longer term learning so that your English continues to improve.

Who will be teaching me?

All of our tutors have CELTA (or equivalent) teaching qualifications, specialist tuition training and years of experience. After you contact us, we will match you with the tutor who best suits your needs. Read more about our tutors.

Where and when will lessons take place?

Our tutors are flexible. Lessons will be arranged with you at a mutually convenient time and place.

What is the teaching approach of your tutors?

Future Perfect tutors are all trained in our unique teaching approach. We believe in participatory education, inspired by Brazilian educational philosopher Paulo Friere. The learner is at the centre of the learning process from course planning to assessment. New skills and knowledge is built onto existing knowledge. We work in this way beacause we believe that learning occurs when new concepts are within reach.

In practice, this means our teachers are constantly assessing learners' progress, introducing new language in context and regularly collecting meaningful feedback about the classes. We believe that everyone can be a good language learner. It is our job to provide the opportunity for purposeful practice that will bring success.

      Small group tuition

          from £16

  • Study in groups of 3-5 people
  • Split the cost of the sessions
  • Group work is the most authentic setting to improve speaking and listening skills
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                   Pair Tuition

           from £34

  • Study with a friend or colleague
  • Split the costs of the session
  • Get individualised attention from your tutor; benefit from the energy of pair work
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        One-to-one tuition

          from £40

  • Individual attention
  • Work intensively towards your learning goals
  • Buy a package to get discounted rates
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   Walk and Talk London

          from £16

  • Discover London and practise English
  • Sessions can be one-to-one, in pairs or groups
  • A fun and natural way to improve conversation skills
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About EFA London

100% of profits from Future Perfect English tuition go to small charity EFA London. So every lesson you have with our tutors will contribute to a good cause.

EFA London provides English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses for migrant communities across London, especially for people excluded from mainstream ESOL provision.

Language training and support enables people to improve their lives for themselves. It allows them to speak to their children’s teacher, access healthcare services, find meaningful work that puts their skills to good use or access educational opportunities to gain qualifications.

To find out more, visit the EFA London website.

Mother and baby at an EFA London class in Southwark. Small children are allowed in the class.
An EFA London class